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The six CCG of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire (NHS Mansfield and Asfield, NHS Newark and Sherwood, NHS Nottingham City, NHS Nottingham North and East, NHS Nottingham West and NHS Rushcliffe) have agreed to hold future meetings as ‘meetings in common’ as detailed below. A Greater Nottingham and Mid Nottinghamshire Patient and Public Engagement Committee will continue to be held separately.




Governing Body

The Governing Body has statutory responsibility for ensuring that the CCG has appropriate arrangements in place to exercise its functions effectively, efficiently and economically and in accordance with the CCG’s principles of good governance (its main function.


Remuneration and Terms of Service Committee

This Committee exists to make recommendations to the Governing Body in relation to

  1. The remuneration, fees and allowances payable to employees of the CCG and to other persons providing services to it; and
  2. Any determinations about allowances payable under pension schemes established by the CCG.

The Committee will also:

  1. Approve all human resources policies for CCG employees.
  2. Oversee compliance with the requirements set out in the Equality Act 2010 Act (Gender Pay Gap Regulations) 2017, as necessary.

Strategic Commissioning Committee

This Committee exists to evaluate, scrutinise and quality assure the clinical and cost effectiveness of business case proposals for new investments, recurrent funding allocations and decommissioning and disinvestment of services. This will include assessment of any associated equality and quality impacts arising from proposals and feedback from patient and public engagement/consultation activities where necessary.

The Committee will also ensure that the CCG’s procurement responsibilities are appropriately discharged, including oversight of annual procurement plans.


Primary Care Commissioning Committee

This Committee exists to carry out the functions relating to the commissioning of primary medical services under section 83 of the NHS Act (as delegated by NHS England). This includes the management of GMS, PMS and APMS contracts, newly designed enhanced services and local incentive schemes, establishment of new GP practices, practice mergers and/or closures, discretionary payments (e.g. returner/retainer schemes) and premises costs directions functions.

The Committee will also ensure the effective management of delegated primary care commissioning arrangements and the delegated budget for primary care medical services, and oversee delivery of the General Practice Forward View.


Clinical Effectiveness Committee

The Clinical Effectiveness Committee exists to provide advice in relation to clinical policies, clinical pathways and referral guidelines, with the aim of meeting the health needs of the CCG’s population within limited resources, whilst reducing unwarranted clinical variation and improving consistency of pathways


Quality, Safeguarding and Performance Committee

This Committee exists to scrutinise arrangements for ensuring the quality of CCG commissioned services, scrutinise the robustness of safeguarding arrangements, and to oversee the development, implementation and monitoring of performance management arrangements.

The Committee also monitors equality performance in relation to health outcomes, patient access and experience, and promotes a culture of continuous quality improvement


Finance and Turnaround Committee

This Committee exists to scrutinise arrangements for ensuring the delivery of the CCG’s statutory financial duties, including the achievement of the CCG’s Financial Recovery Plan and QIPP targets.

The Committee will review the monthly financial performance and identify key issues and risks requiring discussion or decision by the Governing Body.


Audit and Governance Committee

This Committee exists to:

  1. Provide the Governing Body with an independent and objective view of the CCG’s financial systems, financial information and compliance with the laws, regulations and directions governing the CCG in as far as they relate to finance.
  2. Approve the CCG’s Annual Report and Accounts.
  3. Scrutinise every instance of non-compliance with the CCG’s Standing Orders, Scheme of Reservation and Delegation and Prime Financial Policies and monitoring compliance with the CCG’s Conflicts of Interest Policy and Gifts, Hospitality and Sponsorship Policy.
  4. Review the establishment and maintenance of an effective system of integrated governance, risk management and internal control, across the whole of the CCG’s activities that support the achievement of the organisation’s objectives. This will include scrutinising compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements relating to information governance.

In carrying out this work the Committee will primarily utilise the work of internal audit, external audit and other assurance functions, but will not be limited to these sources


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