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Integrated Personal Commissioning and Personal Budgets


Nottinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Nottinghamshire County Council became an Early Adopter site of Integrated Personal Commissioning. This is a national programme and a partnership between NHS England and the Local Government Association to drive forward personalisation across Health and Social Care. Integrated Personal Commissioning supports the aims of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan in Nottinghamshire and the programme will be developed and aligned with it. IPC will be moving into the scope of the emerging Accountable Care System.


What is Integrated Personal Commissioning?

Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) is an improved person-centred approach to your care and support, joining up Health, Social Care and other services. It is a key part of a national strategy for the NHS Five Year Forward View to promote healthy communities and support disabled people and those with long-term conditions to manage their own health, care and wellbeing.  

The benefits of Integrated Personal Commissioning are:

  • Better quality of life for people with complex needs and their carer’s, with greater involvement in their care, because it has been designed around their personal needs and circumstances.
  • Less crises in people’s lives that lead to unplanned hospital admissions.
  • Better integration and quality of care, including better experiences for people and families.


How is Integrated Personal Commissioning being delivered?

In Nottinghamshire the IPC programme is being delivered through ‘five key shifts’:

The initial target groups for Integrated Personal Commissioning in Nottinghamshire are:

  • Children and young people with complex needs
  • Looked After Children accessing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • People with learning disabilities with high support needs

The plan in the next two years is to develop an offer for:

  • People with multiple long term conditions, especially older people with frailty
  • People with significant mental health needs

It is important that the IPC programme is co-produced with people who use Health and Social Care services. We are working with people with lived experience to build their knowledge, skills and confidence to co-design services at a strategic level. Our IPC voluntary sector partner, Self Help UK, are developing a co-production group and hold meetings on a monthly basis. If you would like to get involved or find out more, please contact the Outreach & Development Team Leader at Self Help UK on 0115 911 1662.


This is what Integrated Personal Commissioning will mean for you


Our IPC Leaflet highlights that a key part of Integrated Personal Commissioning is to offer choice and control.  This will be done through a personal budget. 

Watch this film and get more information on Integrated Personal Commissioning in Nottinghamshire.

There are different types of budgets available for care and support:


Personal Budget

This is a budget that is wholly funded by the local authority.


Integrated Budget

A budget that includes funding from both the local authority and the NHS.


Personal Health Budget

A budget that is wholly funded by the NHS.


Who can have a budget?

You can have a personal health budget if:

  • You are eligible for NHS Continuing Health Care, including children and young people or
  • You are eligible for joint funding from health and social care, including aftercare under Section 117 of the Mental Health Act
  • You are a Carer who has had a carer’s assessment and need a break from your caring role. Find out more from this Carer’s Breaks Factsheet.
  • People with learning disabilities or autism in high cost residential placements, or a hospital setting with high support needs who are frequently using or at a high risk of using in-patient services.


How can I get a Personal Health Budget?

If you would like to apply for a personal health budget, or would like to find out whether you might be eligible, please contact Nottingham Citycare Partnership on 01623 785425.


How can I manage a budget?

There are three ways you can manage a budget:

  • A Notional budget: no money changes hands, the local authority or the NHS manages the budget and arranges care and support.
  • A Third Party budget: an organisation independent of the person, the local authority and NHS commissioners manages the budget and is responsible for ensuring the right care is put in place, working in partnership with the person and their family to ensure the agreed outcomes can be achieved.
  • A Direct Payment: the budget holder has the money in a bank account or an equivalent account, and takes responsibility for purchasing care and support.

A budget can include a combination of these approaches. The budget may be held by the person or by someone else acting on the person’s behalf. This Personal Health Budget Factsheet will give you more information on how to manage your personal budget.


How can a Personal Health Budget make a difference?

The stories below show the kind of choices people can make if they have a personal health budget and the positive impact it can have on their health and lives.


Lesley, Jack’s mother, gave up her job to be employed as Jack’s Personal Assistant. This is an exceptional circumstance due to the failure of alternatives. Lesley says:

“Having a Personal Health Budget has opened up a whole new world for my family.  You can spend the budget in many different ways, including for the sports that Jack loves, enabling him to socialise and be involved in the community.  Life was more difficult before having a Personal Health Budget”.

You can see more of Jack's story and how his Personal Health Budget transformed his life.


Michelle, Mark’s sister, describes the difference a personal health budget has made to Mark’s care:

“The Personal Health Budget helped to save Mark’s life which in turn gave him a fun-filled, happy life rather than just existing. It hasn’t only improved his health and wellbeing, but also that of his family.

Mark feels safe and secure now he’s lives in his own environment, with people that understand his complex conditions and we have worked hard at building relationships with health professionals who recognise we are also experts in Mark’s health.”

You can see more of Mark's story and how a Personal Health Budget made a difference.


The People Hub, where people with a Personal Health Budget and their families and carers talk about their Personal Health Budget experiences and have links to more stories.

The NHS England website has links to videos, and People's Stories showing Personal Health Budgets in action.


Next Steps

It is important to understand that developing personal health budgets is not about finding new money for additional services but about spending some of the money currently spent on existing services in a different way.

Over the next few years, Nottinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Groups and Nottinghamshire County Council will consult on and further develop processes to enable more people with suitable high level long term needs to benefit from the flexibility, choice and control of Person Health Budgets.   This includes:

  • Those with complex long term conditions, including neurological conditions, for whom current services do not work well resulting in frequent relapse or crises and access to acute services.
  • People receiving mental health services who frequently use Accident & Emergency services.
  • Young people receiving mental health services transitioning to adult services.

If you would like more information or are interested in being involved in a local peer network or co-production group, please contact or 0115 883 7880.


Further information about Personal Health Budgets

There is lots of information available on personal health budgets. Some useful links are below:

NHS England has a dedicated website section for Personal Health Budgets

Everything you need to know about Personal Health Budgets - visit NHS England's frequently asked questions section

Understanding Personal Health Budgets - download an NHS Easy Read leaflet

NHS Choices - find out more about Personal Health Budgets, how to get started and managing your

Personal Health Budget.


There are leaflets available in other languages:

NHS Bengali Leaflet on Personal Health Budgets

NHS Polish Leaflet on Personal Health Budgets

NHS Turkish Leaflet on Personal Health Budgets

NHS Urdu Leaflet on Personal Health Budgets

If you would like any information in another format, please let us k now on 0300 500 8080.

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